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Welcome to my site dedicated to entrepreneurs, in particular for hairdressing and beauty businesses.

On this site, you will find what you need to develop professionally thanks to my advice and tips that will be useful for you to create, buy, manage and develop your hairdressing / beauty business.

You will have the pleasure of discovering my online training courses adapted over time.

And also my blog articles, which can just as well be intended for the members of your team as for yourself, to strengthen the bonds of your teams and optimize everyone’s knowledge.

Which brings you to seek advice and training.

Recently, you found yourself faced with one or more demotivating or stressful situations in the management and development of your business,
such as the lack of communication with your team, your turnover is not progressing or even, it is down, the image of your hairdressing salon does not suit your work.

It’s stronger than you, your desire to succeed is there, ready to move you forward!
Then you’ve come to the right place..

The purpose of training


Increasing revenue is the #1 goal of a successful business.

Train yourself to learn the 7 essential keys to optimize your business


Having the charisma of a leader is necessary in managing and developing your business and your team.

Become the leader your business needs.


Professional and personal fulfillment is something important that is built step by step. That’s why you shouldn’t waste time.

But first, what is your real goal,

is it in this list?


Boost your hair salon,


Develop, boost your turnover,


Increase your customer retention rate,


Enhance the image of your hairdressing and beauty salon,


Build customer loyalty for your beauty salon,


Define your vision, your strategy,


Increase your profits,


Define your prices and your level of range,


Find the right location,


Improve the internal communication of your beauty hair salon,


Improve the visibility of your business,


Know how to use social networks wisely,


Find the design of your beauty salon,


Know how to make a consultation, resale advice,


Develop your sales and develop your hairdressing and aesthetic services,


Marketing development

If you are fed up with your current situation and you are motivated to train yourself and become a successful entrepreneur, discover our training offers here

Do you still have a question?

How to develop a hair salon?!

How? It’s not that complicated when you’re accompanied. Very often, we are afraid of the unknown and of change, but when we have someone, who has already been in the same situation, who is there to advise us, then a weight is lifted and we feel ourselves pushing wings.

Today, you have the opportunity to be accompanied, I suggest you access online training, which will allow you to regain your motivation and define your objectives and above all to develop professionally, and to understand the steps to develop your beauty hairdressing business.

For that, we find ourselves on the Formation.

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