About me

Where to start ?

My name is Carine , creator of coaching-business-coiffure.com .

Carine Business Development Coach

I am a coach in international business development. It is my passion, and I help motivate others to fulfil their business aspirations.

During my 16 years of hairdressing experience, I had the pleasure of having my own beauty salons (hairdressing and aesthetics).

This includes individually owned beauty salons and franchises in several countries. These were great experiences for me and allowed me to learn the secrets of the business.

Where has this experience taken me?

Above all, I have developed myself professionally.

My experience allowed me to be proficient in different professional situations. It also helped me come up with some effective solutionsto further develop the companies I worked for.

The fact of having worked in salons in constant search of evolution, allowed me to understand that I liked helping business leaders who happened to be in trouble. I was helping them find what they needed to improve in their companies and helping them achieve their business development goals.

And now Coach?

Today, it is a pleasure for me to be able to share the solutions that can sometimes be difficult to find for the managers of beauty institutes, hairdressing and aesthetics. We all know that business leaders are busy with their daily challenges and lack the time for optimal development.

I especially like helping others to come up with new ideas, improve their systems, analyze how businesses operate, analyze the numbers and that’s why I started as a Business Development Coach .

The results I can provide for you and your business

My goal as a business development coach is to make you become “The Reference” in the world of beauty. I am here to help you to create your business, develop , manage your business, and direct your company towards success .

It will be my pleasure to advise you andassist you in your project. I hope that my experience in the field of entrepreneurship will be of great use to you and make you “The Reference” .

How can I do this? Click and you will understand.

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